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Make a difference in

every detail


Make a difference in

every detail

After Service


After Service

After-sales service commitment
In order to provide users with high-quality services, we will provide users with pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services, making all efforts to satisfy customer needs.
1. In the model selection phase, we are willing to provide uses with technical advices and serve as a good consultant; we also provide technical information, such as, product samples and manuals; if necessary, we can also get involved in the design of products with special requirements and provide users with technical parameters to meet their special requirements.
2. In the model selection phase, users are welcome to make on-site visits.
3. For the user inquiring information by telephone or visiting us in person, we will receive them warmly and reply them promptly. If we do not produce certain products for the time being, we will also explain the reason to the user and provide related information.
4. After the contract is signed, users are welcome to send personnel to our company to supervise the production. We will actively cooperate with the representative of the user and provide convenience for their work and life. We will pay close attention to user's comments about production quality, and make improvements.
5. Before shipping the products, we will notify the user to receive the goods, and provide users with the certificate of product quality and shipment order.
6. When the products have reached the user, and if there are damages caused by shipping, we will actively send personnel to coordinate and settle the problem, and then repair the products, until to the user is satisfied with the result. 7. After the products enter the site, we will send technical personnel to the site according to the requirement of the user to provide guidance and services. We will help with the commissioning and the training of operation and maintenance personnel free of charge, until they can operate the product independently.
8. If defective or wearing parts or components are found, we guarantee to arrive at the site on time for replacement and repair, and provide the spare parts promptly, to the extent that the user is satisfied.
9. If quality problems occur during the use of the product, we guarantee to reach the site within 8 hours.
10. If quality problems occur during the warranty period, our company will be responsible for free repair and replacement, and the necessary parts and accessories will be provided by us free of charge.