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High quality process and people-oriented

Chairman’s Speech


Chairman’s Speech

  Innovation is the soul to a nation’s development, the driving force behind the progress of a country, and the life of an enterprise. Moreover, it is also inevitable for a company’s development in the era of the knowledge economy. In such a new economic age full of passion and challengesShanneng Company, as a sci-tech-type enterprise, always maintains a positive attitude of innovation in the face of opportunities and challenges, and strives for development at a higher level passionately and energetically.

Grasping the pulse of the times, Shanneng Company strives to promote technological progress and product innovation in the principle of “quality process and people-oriented.” It updates technologies and equipment constantly in the pursuit of the latest scientific advancement, the most sophisticated technologies and the best facilities. In an innovative, diligent, pragmatic, enthusiastic and enterprising spirit, Shanneng is to present the best products to the society.

Shanneng Company is an outstanding team full of passion, confidence, solidarity, and braveness in innovation. In the future, Shanneng Company will continue to rise up to the coming challenges in a people-oriented spirit, team working, and open vision and mind.

In each step forward, we can deeply feel the support of our customers and the hard work of our staff. What we’ve achieved cannot be separated from the aforesaid as well as our enterprise culture which takes meeting customers’ demand as our own duty. We always strive to advance together with customers, employees and the times! Here, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to those friends who have cared and supported us during our development!