DZJP series electric single seat regulating valve

This series of products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, textile, paper and other industrial sectors of the automation control system. Suitable for liquid, gas, gas, natural gas, steam and other media to cut off or adjust the flow control.

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Keyword: DZJP series electric single seat regulating valve

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1. The pressure set point can be adjusted on site within the pressure adjustment range; 2. The valve body part and the actuator are modularized in design, and the actuator or spring can be changed according to the change of on-site requirements, so as to realize the rapid change of the pressure adjustment range within a certain range. 3.ZZYP type self-operated pressure single-seat regulating valve generally uses bellows as the pressure balance element. The pressure change before and after the valve does not affect the valve, greatly accelerates the valve core, thereby improving the adjustment accuracy of the valve. When the small diameter without bellows as pressure balance components; 4.ZZYM self-operated pressure sleeve regulating valve adopts self-balancing double sealing surface sleeve as throttling part. The medium needs to be cleaned and free of granular impurities. It is suitable for occasions where pressure drop is large and valve diameter is small (DN20 ~ 200) generally does not need to be closed. Only applicable to the pressure condition behind the control valve; 5.ZZYN self-operated pressure double-seat regulating valve adopts self-balancing double-sealed double valve core as throttling parts, which is suitable for occasions with large valve diameter;

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